Rampaul Enterprises

"Facing Life Head-On"

Welcome to my business website!

My name is Paul and I am a seasoned computer tech with 25 years experience providing support for a variety 10 environment. I work both onsite and online.

Computer Repair, Upgrade and Maintenance

Is your Windows desktop or laptop in need of repair, upgrade or a tune-up? I can diagnose and fix many problems, install extra RAM or an extra hard drive, help you transfer files, guide you on organizing pictures and files, and also train you how to keep your computer tuned-up so it doesn't slow down and crash.

  Windows O/S and Software Installation

If you just bought a new computer and need to do a first install, or you need to format your drive and install a new copy of Windows, then I can help. I can also install new software or re-install your old software, and also help guide you to the best software for your needs.